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Since 1995, writers from over two hundred countries have visited and thousands have completed our online courses. We are accessible 24-7 from any Internet connection in the world, uniting far-flung students with renowned instructors — all published, working writers with teaching experience— who offer weekly feedback and encouragment.

Writing can be a lonely road but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you're just beginning to write or polishing your next piece for publication, we can help. Let us provide inspiration, direction, community and deadlines to start you writing and keep you working.

Support And Constructive Criticism

You’re never just a face in a crowd at Small groups keep our classes lively and intimate.

Each class provides written lectures, projects and assignments, and discussion forums where you'll share your work with the instructor and the other students.

Best of all, a teacher offers insights on every project you submit. These weekly critiques help identify the patterns that can plague even the most talented and experienced writers. So whether you’re dusting off a grade-school passion or breaking onto the bestseller list, we can boost you up the ladder a few rungs.

Can't bring yourself to share your work? We offer private classes,  just you - or just you and a friend or two - working with the instructor. Click on private classes in the navigation bar at the top of the page to read more.

We also offer one-to-one services such as coaching and editing but it's highly recommended you take one of our classes first.

Caring And Community remains a rock in a sea of audit-only and feedback-light classes. We’ve had decades to fine-tune our approach, recruit top instructors and build a supportive network of writers. When you send us an email, you'll always hear back from a real person, not an auto-responder. And while you're in class, we're available to help seven days a week if you run into a problem or have a question.

Over a third of our alumni return to take a second class with us, and some have been taking our classes for 15 years or more. That’s the highest compliment we can imagine — and it inspires us daily to keep growing as writers’ needs and the literary landscape shift.

We pioneered teaching writing online. And we still do it with pleasure every day.

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