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Our writing classes are listed on this page as they are scheduled -- subscribe to our mail list to be kept up to date. We also have a list of classes below that are either in progress or are unscheduled. If you are interested in one of those classes or don't find the class you're looking for, email writers@writers.com. (We're always open to suggestions. )

Most, but not all, ten week classes cost $340; most, but not all, eight week classes cost $295. We offer a few shorter classes and they, of course, cost less. For information on how the classes work, see our FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, or you'd like further information about any of our classes, please write to us at writers@writers.com. Want to read what other students say about the classes? Look for student comments under the class descriptions.

Ready to enroll in a class? You can do so safely through our Registration Page.

If you've visited us recently, please click your "reload" or "refresh" button to bring up the current schedule. The dates listed beside each class are the start dates. Click on the name of the class for more information.











The following classes are either currently in progress or are unscheduled. Click on the name of the class for more information:

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