Paula Guran

PAULA GURAN is the editor/editorial director of fantasy imprint Juno Books (www.juno-books.com). In an earlier life she produced weekly email newsletter DarkEcho (winning two Stokers, an IHG award, and a World Fantasy nomination), edited Horror Garage (earning another IHG and second a World Fantasy nomination), and has contributed reviews, interviews, and articles to numerous professional publications.

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About Paula Guran

"What Paula Guran doesn't know about the fantasy and horror genres is not worth knowing. A perspicacious editor who knows exactly why a story will or will not sell, she knows the business and the market-place. If she tells you to change something in your manuscript you'd better damn well do it, because she can make all the difference when it comes to selling your story."

Graham Joyce

"Paula Guran is as knowledgeable as anyone I know in this field. Her critical sense is right on target, and she has no trouble spotting the difference between good writing and untalented drivel. Perhaps this is because she loves literature and recognizes the heights it can achieve when properly practiced. Intelligence, wit, grace and a sense of style are her hallmarks; her observations are dispatches from someone in the trenches, not the remarks of an academic theoretician, an ego-driven wannabe or a self-promoting hack who is only in it for the money. For anyone seeking criticism, advice, encouragement, or just about anything else related to the world of professional writing, I recommend her expertise without qualification. Most people who offer their services in such a capacity are incapable of writing for a living. Paula can and does -- very well, in fact -- which makes her one of the few whose opinions actually matter."

Dennis Etchison, author/editor/teacher

"Paula Guran is the grey eminence behind the world of horror. She is the secret mistress of the genre. Listen to her."

Neil Gaiman, author/screenwriter

"An editor, essayist, writer, and critic of considerable importance in the horror genre. Paula Guran is an indispensable voice in the field, and has been for years."

Edward Lee, author

"Paula Guran is an experienced and talented fiction and nonfiction editor who has worked with some of the biggest names in the fantasy field."

Ellen Datlow, editor

"Paula Guran has been an invaluable asset as an editor and in helping launch The Spook Magazine. She is multi-talented in all genres. Her editing skills and passion for the work has been unrivaled by other "so-called" editors/freelancers that we have encountered."

Anthony Sapienza, Publisher, "The Spook Magazine"

"Paula is one of the smartest and savviest editors I know. She has strong story sense and goes right to the heart of what works and what doesn't. It's no surprise to me that she's an award winning writer/editor/publisher."

Elizabeth Engstrom, author/editor/teacher

"In an age when most editors simply rubber-stamp manuscripts and pass them on for production, Paula Guran is the real deal. She's an editor who actually edits, and she's also an exceptionally fine writer of nonfiction. Paula has seen the writing business from both sides of the fence, and her insights and experience are beyond value to anyone hoping to gain a foothold in writing."

Norman Partridge, author

"When it comes to horror, Guran doesn't have to play the game, because she's already making the rules. And, oddly, she's also a helluva lotta fun!"

Rich Black, Publisher, "Under the Volcano" & "Horror Garage"

"Paula is an excellent writer and editor who can most certainly provide valuable insight and assistance to both novice and experienced writers."

Robert Morrish, editor, Cemetery Dance magazine

"Paula Guran has the experience, through her extensive fiction and award-winning non-fiction editing experience, to help writers improve their craft and guide them further along on their journey to publication."

Gerard Houarner, author

"Paula Guran is one of the most insightful editors I have had the pleasure of working with. She knows the writing business better than a dozen others put together. She is an industry gem."

Charlee Jacob

Student Comments About Paula Guran

"Paula knows absolutely everything about publishing. I received a wealth of information." -- Anonymous Class Questionnaire (Alt Pub)

"Paula is hands downs the best writing teacher I have had, and I have had a quite a few. -- Anonymous Class Questionnaire (Advanced SF/F/H Workshop)

"Paula, thank you for the pointers and guidelines. I've enjoyed it. I'll be back for more soon.--G.W. (Advanced SF/F/H Workshop)

"I received the critique and have been meaning to send you a note to say 'thank you.' I found your comments very helpful and am already thinking of ways to add new life to my prose. I was also impressed with how fast you responded. I am very glad I found writers.com." -- J.L. (tutoring)

You're the first person (teacher or otherwise) who has given me really worthwhile criticism. -- R.C. (tutoring)

"Thank you for the class. I think that the information gave me a good direction to go in with my writing. I feel more confident about what publishers will be looking for in my writing. Now all I have to do is work on achieving it!" -- D. McF. (Self-Editing)

"This class has been invaluable. Between this and all my reading, I'm going to produce a better finished product. Well, maybe not finished, but at least one more ready for submission out in the cruel world somewhere." -- K.B. (Self-Editing)

"I feel like I have learned a lot in this class. Although I enjoyed reading the genre, I really hadn't ever thought about what it takes to write in this genre. I learned a lot about what to think about when crafting a fantasy or sci-fi story. I also got insight into what editors and publishers are looking for/at when they read something. From my perspective, that's not something that comes everyday to aspiring writers." -- G.P. (SF/F/H)

"Paula provided a great quantity of material and knows her subject well. The lessons were good and provided useful information. I found the source materials she gave us throughout the class especially useful." -- Anonymous Class Questionnaire (SF/F/H)

"Paula knows the genre and marketplace very well. She was always quick to answer questions and provided knowledgeable remarks. She gave me new insight into the genre I'm trying to write for and I appreciated her frank answers and comments." -- Anonymous Class Questionnaire (SF/F/H)

"I was very happy with the class content and with the teacher. Paula did a great job explaining things and she left us with some great recommendations on resources." -- Anonymous Class Questionnaire (SF/F/H)

Reader Comments About the Writers.com Newsletter

"Once again your newsletter surpasses my expectations. Thanks for wonderful articles, news and things to call forth the muse." -- B.A.W.

"It's always a pleasure getting your online newsletter. Thanks for all the updates and information. Always enjoy your punctuation and grammar tips." -- C.T

"Paula...splendid newsletter." -- J.C.

"Your article 'First Fiction' was absolutely inspiring. I read every word and when I finished I was smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for making it so plain. I'm a self-published writer who has a strong following. At times I've been discouraged. This article helped me to put things in perspective. Thank you again. I saved the article for future reading. I consider it a great pick me up for those evenings when the words appear to overlap." -- P.V.D.

"Thank you for your attention to a topic that I come across again and again - that of the passive voice. I have been around academia for the past ten years, as a student and now as a teacher, and I have been told again and again never to use the passive voice. I agree that, in most cases, the active voice gives the writer more power, as you correctly pointed out. But, what I have seen is a tendency to take a movement such as the anti-passive one, and apply it in the extreme. You did a good job of delineating the occasions where the passive is preferable. Good work, and well-written, too." -- J.I.

"This last newsletter was simply wonderful! Carrots/carats, etc., reviewers, virgules-a real treat." -- U.K.

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