Creative Writing Classes Online with Writers.Com has been offering online writing classes in all genres since 1995 -- the first writing school on the Internet. Our web site has been visited by writers from over one hundred ninety-five countries. Our classes are taught by published, working writers who are also experienced teachers. We can help you improve your skills, explore new directions, ready your work for publication, or simply provide a community, inspiration and deadlines to start you writing and keep you writing.

Online Writing Classes classes run the gamut from basic skills to advanced-level work in a variety of areas. Thousands of writers from countries around the world have taken our classes. We also provide one-to-one tutoring and mentoring, and editing services. If you can't find just the right class, let us know. We're open to suggestion and add new classes and services regularly.

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Access our free writers' groups. Our Web site includes a section of tips and resources for writers including feature articles on topics like basic information on agents, copyrights, and much more. We also offer tips on punctuation, confusing words, passive and active voice, point of view, and other subjects. Our extensive list of helpful links will guide you to valuable information on the Web. Want to find a list of words that were commonly used prior to the 1900s or estimate distances between two cities? Need a map? Our references will lead you right to the "write" sources.

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